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Michael Fortier

Michael Fortier

Michael Fortier has been a Licensed Massage Therapist practicing full time in the Spring/Woodlands area since 1999. His specialty is working with people of all ages utilizing osteopathic manual therapies from training with top DO’s, MD’s, DC’s, PT’s, and OT’s to bring a truly clinical holistic approach to therapeutic bodywork.  That addresses common and uncommon muscular-skeletal, neurological, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, emotion/trauma, embryological/developmental, fluid/lymphatic related conditions and much more with precision and specificity.

Since 2001 he has been providing full time clinical holistic skin care as a Licensed Aesthetician for Teenagers to Adults helping to address common conditions such Acne, Anti-Aging and more! Closest to his heart as a Perpetual Learner, a Massage Therapy Instructor since 2010 and a Educator since 2005 is to strive to give people skills and tools along their Path in Life.

As a triathlete, a two time Ironman Texas Finisher, and a former Baseball player he understands the many benefits of Sports Specific Therapy which help’s with Recovery and Performance.  This includes utilizing his Certification as a Fascial Movement Practitioner/Kinesio-Taping since 2014 to support/reverse common Movement Pattern/Postural Disruptions that can cause Referral and/or Localized Pain in the Body.

Michael since 2015 with Supreme Science Qigong Center is a Certified Qigong/Meditation Instructor in their Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Forms, Qigong/Tai Chi for Kids, 9 Breath Method and Breathe Empowerment (Pranayama).  He is also a Certified Food Healing Science Advisor which guide’s people on how to use certain foods for people needing support with Autism, Cancer, Digestive Disorders, Respiratory Conditions and many more Modern Conditions.

Michael believes in looking at everyone as uniquely, wonderfully made individuals and each person has specific/precise needs for that day you come in.  He does not prescribe, diagnose and/or make any prognoses and works hand in hand with many local Medical Professionals to help people of all ages from young to older to achieve maximum empowerment!

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