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Derron Eldridge

Derron Eldridge

Derron Eldridge received his nursing certification in 2001. While in school, Derron worked and studied for two years under the wing of Dr. Kenneth R. First in sports medicine. Derron also is a trained EKG Technician. While practicing at different doctor’s offices and hospitals he realized chelation therapy and alternative healthcare was his passion. In the pursuit to be the best IV infusionist for chelation therapy he attended additional training at the International College of Integrative Medicine in Nashville, TN and Dearborn, MI where he received certifications in both Intravenous Therapy & Chelation. His efforts for continuing education in Advanced Chelation and IV Therapy have also taken him to both Canada and South America for his studies.

After achieving these certifications, he continued his experience spending the following seven years under a prominent doctor in this field practicing in Humble, Texas. Derron is now one of the leading IV infusionist in the region for this type of patient care.

Derron’s passion for IV Therapy has driven him to research and develop formulas that will benefit his clients’ health and wellness. He is currently working on a new set of IV’s for nutritional supplementation that enable superior athletic performance./p>

Certifications include:

IV Therapy

Advanced Chelation

Heavy Metal Toxicology

All with an emphasis on pain management.